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Teaching in the Face of a Pandemic

No one was prepared for how fast the world changed. Most of us were just expecting that it wouldn’t reach us. We went about our lives and hoped for the best. Then our world was turned upside down. uncertainty swept the globe and higher academia was no exception.

At Bucknell, we are committed to serving our students with the best education that we possibly can. This includes research intensive and hands-on courses. So where did that leave us in the face of the pandemic? In a tough spot to say the least. But our faculty, staff and students rose to the occasion.

One of these classes was ENST212/UNIV215: “Stream Ecology and Restoration: The Science Behind Fly Fishing” taught by Matthew Higgins, Katie Billie, and the BCSE’s Benjamin Hayes and Sean Reese. Benjamin Hayes noted the challenges and payoffs stating,

The COVID crises hit just as the outdoor labs began and I thought it impossible for the students to feel satisfied with completing a field intensive course remotely.  But it turned out to be fun making in-the-stream and underwater videos for them and they seemed grateful for the effort.

Like many across the university, they had to get creative. And their hard work paid off. The class was a success. Here are some highlights on the class and what it was all about…

We want to congratulate all of the students, the faculty, and staff across campus for their flexibility, their ability to adapt quickly, and their outstanding work in such unprecedented circumstances. Here’s to a brighter future ahead.