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Go on an Adventure with Us: How the BCSE is Making Lemonade from Lemons.

This semester and possibly the entire academic year looks very different for Bucknell and campuses throughout the country. Bucknell has taken due diligence and our numbers are looking great because of the hard work and team effort of all of campus. But students still feel the strain.

The lack of social opportunities due to covid-19 and large annual events such as the Susquehanna River Symposium going digital, all leave a void for students. Necessity is the mother of invention. We at the BCSE saw the need for students to get outdoors and be social without compromising anyone’s health. What we’ve come up with already has everyone buzzing.

For the Fall semester and possibly continuing in the Spring, we have created a wide variety of student excursions from kayaking down the Susquehanna to walking tours discovering sustainability on campus. The full list of excursions is as follows:

  • Susquehanna river kayak trips
  • Stars over the Susquehanna
  • Night owl (creature) watching
  • Mussels, mills, & the environmental History of Buffalo Creek
  • Exploring Sustainability – a walking tour
  • Fire Pit Chats & music
  • Dale’s Ridge birding walk
  • “The beautiful distant view” – Making the place of Bucknell
  • Residential microgrid, permaculture, & sustainable living tour
  • Thinking in 7 generations – connecting choices past, present, & future
  • Fly fishing & stream ecology
  • Logging, steam railroads, and the Pennsylvania forest
  • Farming & the Chesapeake Bay – agricultural wetlands at Ard’s Farm
  • From ditch to stream – Miller Run comes to life
  • Frogs, wetlands, & mine reclamation – a walking tour at Montandon Marsh
  • Wet your fanny in the Susquehanny

Some excursions will be running every week throughout the fall semester with a variety of dates and times to fit every student’s schedule. Others will be announced in the Spring. Each trip has a maximum capacity based on the ability to social distance. We are excited to provide opportunities for students to learn and express themselves, all while getting outside and active. for more detailed descriptions on each excursion, to see the schedule, and to sign up, click here.

It’s going to be a different-looking year, but doesn’t mean it has to be a bad thing. We are looking forward to a year a adventure and making the most of our time on campus together!

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